Why Businesses need to become Brand Publishers

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The internet technology has changed the way information is shared in the world today. It has affected the newspaper industry and the USPS negatively. It was reported that the newspaper industry lost more than $40 billion in advertising revenue in the past decade. The postal service is not spared too, the USPS saw 200 million fewer pieces of mail each year, resulting to loss of profits. This is due to the way we send and receive information in this fast paced technology era.

Any business that wants to succeed will have to ride the waves of technology to become brand publishers because old promotional tactics does not work any longer. Creating and publishing posts everyday like a publisher will help your business capitalize on the changing digital landscape.

Becoming a publisher is not a rocket science. All you need is a company/business blogs where you can write informative, useful and high quality content that your readers will love and post it daily. When you do this, prospective customers will visit your blog and some will even share your content with their family and friends. Your website/blog will become a go-to resources for people looking for information about your business products and services.

When you create content on your website on daily basis, you attract Google's attention. Google will rank your website higher in its search result page, because you have valuable content for its users on your blog. As you create blog posts daily, you also create new page with its own inbound links and keyword targets. This will in-turn increase your organic search growth. Thus, your brand will rank for search phrases throughout the sales funnel and people will have no option, but to buy from you.

Below are 3 companies / brands who are real publishers:

Dell's Tech page One


Dell started its publishing platform early with its own content channel, known as Tech page One (shown above). The website has different kinds of content both from their teams and from outside sources such as Forbes and other news channels. The website publishes corporate news about Dell and other information not related to dell. The resultant effect of this is the site validation by Google as a news site to be featured on Google news.

Adobe's CMO.com


Adobe has a publishing platform known as CMO. It publishes editorial contents on marketing taken from news sources like The Wall street Journal, Business insider, etc and their own content writing team. The purpose of creating the website is to focus on branding Adobe as a thought leadership company in the industry. The website receives 525,700 uniques visits per month. The CMO gets exposure by supplying contents to WSJ's CMO today page.

Xerox's Realbusiness.com


Xerox is a popular company known for producing and selling a range of color and black and white printers, multifunction systems, photocopiers, digital production printing presses and related consulting services and supplies etc. The company launched their publishing site as part of their effect to create awareness for their other lines of business like public transportation and health care. The company uses its contents to create branding for Xerox by mentioning the company's name and business lines in all their topics.

You can see the importance of having a publishing site/blog for your business. Becoming a real publisher is not advertising stories in place of banners. You need to use high quality and valuable content to focus your effort in building audiences that will go through your sales funnel to become customers in the long run.

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