How to translate your website content to boost your business

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Have you ever thought of doing business internationally? Do you have goals of expanding your business territory to other parts of the world? Do you want to get more customers and leads from different countries? If you do, this article will show you how to start by translating your website contents to other languages.

An article by The Harvard Business review revealed that 72% of users spend most of their time on websites in their native language. This means if you can translate your website content into languages your audience understands, you can get more traffic, leads and sales.

Apart from that, it boosts your association with other keywords on search engines. When you translate your content into other languages and Google sees it, it associate your keywords with other relevant ones.  For example, if you are selling cars, and you translate it into French, you have "Voiture". If you translate the same word into Spanish, you have "Coche". These variation helps to boost your association with other keywords, thereby increasing your ranking on search engines.

Steps to translate your website content to other languages

The tool you need for this exercise are:

1.  Google analytics

2.  Google translate bar

3.  or transposh-translation wordpress plugin.

The first thing you need to do is to find the right country you want to target using Google analytics. Here, you will be using your Google Analytics reports and considering countries that is bringing in significant traffic to your website.  You may need to offer such audience an alternative in other for them to enjoy your content in their languages.

The first thing you can do is to add the Google translate bar to your website. This tool provides translation in 60 different languages. Installing this tool on your website is  easy.

Step 1:

Go to Google translate

Click on the link "Add to your website now" as show in the pic below:

google translate1

Step 2:

Add your website's URL and Language as shown below


Step 3:

Here you can choose the language you want to translate your website into.  If you want it to translate it to the 60 languages below, click on "All languages", but if you want specific languages, click "Specific languages" and make your choice.


Step 4:

In the "Plugin settings", choose the display mode for your language bar. You can also specify if you want to automatically display the banner to users or not. Input your Google analytic code and click on "Get code"


Step 5:

Copy the code on the next page (shown below) and place it on every page you want to translate on your website.


This tool is easy to use and will not in any way disturb your audience. It comes up only when the user's browser is not in English, it will then suggest any translation they want.

Translate your content on social media

There are several ways you can translate your contents on social media.  You can use services like Google or Bing tool to share your messages in different languages.  Also, Facebook and twitter now provide automatic translation based on the user's browser language. These services will translate your content to the language your audience understands.

This is a great way to widen your audience reach and acquire more leads and sales for your business. It is free and does not take much time to do.  Why not translate your website today?.

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