How to Produce Content Consistently to Boost Business Growth

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Do you find it difficult to produce content consistently?

Do you have all it takes to create content on a consistent basis, but you just don't like doing it?.

Good news!

You are not alone.

Producing content consistently has been a problem for most B2B and B2C business owners/marketers.

The content marketing institute and Marketingprofs reported in 2015, that 54% of B2B marketers and 44% of
B2C marketers said it is a challenge to "produce content consistently" is a challenge.

produce content consistently

produce content consistently

In content marketing trends 2016 report, the same problem resurfaced again, but, this time, the number of b2b businesses experiencing this problem has increased to 57%.

produce enough content

This shows that it is a consistent problem that needs urgent attention.

Today, we will fix this problem by using a good number of tools and strategies.

But, before then, let's take a look at the reasons why you should produce content consistently.

5 Reasons why you need to produce content consistently

a.   It improves your SEO and website traffic
This is the major benefit you enjoy when you publish content consistently. The most important factors that affect SEO are frequency and quality. If you want to increase your traffic and benefit from search engines, you need to
produce content consistently.

A research by hubspot revealed that companies who publish regularly and consistently generates more traffic than those who do not.

produce content consistently

Let's take a look at a company that generated traffic by publishing consistently.

Tresnic media published content consistently for 25 days (a total of 50 posts) and increased their traffic by

produce content consistently

Many content marketers will not support this notion because they believe in publishing less and marketing

I also believe that, but the fact is;

The more content you publish, the more content will be available to be found through the search engines.

This produces a compound effect if you stick with it.

b.    It generates more Leads
When you create content consistently, it will increase your leads. In HubSpot marketing benchmark result, it
shows that B2b and B2c companies with 101 to 200 pages of content generate 2.5 x more leads than those with 50 or fewer pages of content.

Do you need more leads for your business, then create content consistently?

produce content consistently

A good example of a company that has been creating content consistently and attracting more leads is River

produce content consistently

The company was able to generate $2 million dollars in sales from leads that read its blog articles and ended up becoming customers.

c.    It establishes authority and credibility for your business.

Businesses that produce content consistently establishes authority and credibility in their niche. It helps to position your brand as a thought leader in your industry.

It also distinguishes your business from your competition. The more you create quality content on a regular basis, the more your audience will trust you.

A good example of a company that has been creating content consistently and has become a thought leader because of that is whole foods (grocery retail). The company created a whole new platform for content where they educate their audience on topics such as sustainability, animal welfare, GMOs in food, etc. It also has a popular blog where the CEO contributes to post.


produce content consistently


Through this means, whole foods have been able to position itself as the "America's healthiest grocery store".

Not only a place to get food but an important part of their customer's lifestyle and image.

d.    It builds brand awareness

One of the most important goals for b2b businesses is to use content marketing to build brand awareness. In the
b2b content marketing report of 2016, a large number of b2b businesses (84%) submitted that brand awareness is the most important goal they use content marketing to achieve.

produce content consistently
A good example of a company that does this well is Zillidy. Zillidy is a personal lending company launched in 2012. The company publishes weekly blog content on a consistent basis, which covered topics like personal finance advice.

They also recommend engaging forms of content such as video, press coverage snippets and customer testimonials on their homepage.

produce content consistently


The company was able to grow their social media audience, increase search impressions, social shares, and their online applications really improved.

e.  Creating consistent content engages your audience

When you create consistent content for your business blog, it engages your audience. They keep coming back for more. When this happens, you build a loyal audience that can increase your revenue by becoming paying customers.

However, if you do not produce content consistently, your audience will have no reason to check back for fresh

produce content consistently

Starbucks leveraged content to generate engagement in their white cup content.  Fans were asked to paint
Starbucks white cups and submit their photos to social media using the hashtag #whitecupcontent.

The brand was able to increase audience engagement and social media reach through the campaign.

Now that you have an understanding of the benefits of creating more content on your website, let's look at how to do it consistently.

How to produce content consistently

Now that you have seen the benefits of creating content consistently, you are now ready to learn how to do it the right way.

Below are strategies and tools that will help you to consistently produce amazing content to boost your business growth.

How much content do you need?

We have established that publishing more content is good for brand awareness, engagement, generating more leads, improving SEO and traffic and also it establishes you as an authority in your field.

This is the reason more B2B marketers are publishing more content.

publish content consistently

However, publishing more content should not be your goal. You should know what you want to achieve with each piece of content you create.

For example:

The goals of most business owners/marketers is to use content marketing to:

produce content consistently

  • build brand awareness
  • generates leads
  • create engagement
  • generates sales
  • nurture leads
  • retain customer
  • customer evangelism
  • upsell/cross sell

You should be able to know how each article you create contributes to the realization of your goals.

For example, if you want to increase your email sign ups, you could do something like this:

Current no. of sign up per post = No. of blog post needed to achieve the goal.

Look at how many email signs up you get per post and multiply it by the number of posts you need to create to get more sign ups.

For instance, if I get 100 sign ups per post and my goal is to get 1,000 sign-ups per month.  This implies that I will have to create 100 / 1000 = 10 posts per month.

Do you get the logic?

This will give you a rough idea of the number of posts you need to get the number of email sign-ups you want.

The same goes for other goals.

This is just to give you an idea of how you can know how much blog post to publish to achieve a specific set of goals.

In-house vs Outsourcing vs. Hiring freelancers

Your content marketing goals determine the number of posts and type of post to create.  There are three ways you can do that:  use your in-house content team, outsource or hire freelancers.

You can simply get your content team to produce more content if you have one.

If you don't have a content team, it is better to either outsource or hire freelancers.

Outsourcing your content creation to a content marketing firm is a great option if you really want to churn out consistent posts every month. The company will help you to develop a content strategy that fits your business, optimize your content and help you achieve your goal.

You can also hire a team of freelancers to handle the content production for you.

If you want to follow this route, you can hire a content marketer who will help you develop a content strategy, hire freelance writers and manage them for you. The content marketer will be the one responsible for editing and publishing using your CMS and also handle your content distribution/promotion.

Create an editorial calendar

produce content consistently

If you are hiring a content marketer, they will be responsible for this aspect. However, if you are handling it on your own, you will need to create an editorial calendar for your content.

A content calendar simplifies the content creation process, organizes your content publishing and gives you enough time to create your content.

It helps you to really publish content consistently to achieve your goals.

Fortunately, you don't have to design one for yourself, there are free and paid editorial calendars all over the internet.

Below is the list of calendar tools you can use for your publishing:

1.   Google docs: A free calendar tool you can use to schedule your post creation and publishing
2.   WordPress editorial calendar: If you use WordPress, you can install the WordPress editorial calendar
3.   Hubspot editorial calendar: This is free and easy to use, especially for new bloggers/writers.
4.   Coschedule: This is a more comprehensive editorial calendar that is very useful to businesses
5.   Kapost; Kapost is a high-end editorial calendar tool used by b2b businesses such as Cisco, CBS etc. It is not free.

Know the right time to post

Knowing the right time to post is very important. It will really help you to achieve your content marketing goals within the specified time.

If you post at the right time, you will get more visitors, comments and engagement.

produce content consistently

However, if you post during the low activity hours, in the night, for instance, you may get more prominence for your post and easier front page promotion, however, you may get fewer visitors, comments, and engagement.

publish content consistently

It is better to post when your audience is active.i.e. during the daytime. The essence of publishing posts is to get visitors to engage with your post in order to achieve your business goals.


You have seen from this post, that it takes a lot to produce content consistently.  However, it is easy if you outsource it and focus on other necessary aspects of your business.  That way, you can produce as many contents as you need to achieve your business goals faster and with less stress. This will go a long way to boost your business growth.



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