How to create engaging content to generate customers for your business

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content engagement

Are your customers attracted towards you? Is there enough engaging content on your website to keep your customers occupied? Customer engagement is a very important aspect of any business whether online or offline.  Creating highly engaging content on your website is a very highly valued activity you can ever engage in.  This is because an amazing content has the capacity to convert visitors into customers more than any Facebook post or tweet. Before we proceed, I will like to briefly whet your appetite with the benefits you can derive from using content to engage your visitors / customers on your website.

1.   Convert Visitors to Customers

Contents has a great way of converting visitors to customers. For example, using content, you can convert 40% of 100 visitors to customers.  People are searching for valuable information that will help them to make informed decision.  They are looking for solutions to their problems and if your content meets their needs, they will stay with you and be part of your business. This implies that a great content can boost your revenue per visitor.

2.   Retain Customers

Great content will keep your customers from shifting away to your competitors. When your content meets their needs, they will always be around you.  It is like discovering a great restaurant where you have all the foods you love on their menu. Will you look for other restaurants again?  No. Because that restaurant satisfies your needs.  Likewise, a high value content will help you to retain your customers.

3.   Refer Customers

Satisfied customers will help tell others about your business. No advertising method is as powerful as word of mouth or pair referrals.  It can go viral if done well. Engaged customers already love your product/service and they will offer free advertising to make sure all the people in their lives know about it.

4.    Effort

It is true that people are always looking for the lowest price, however, when you have engaged customers, they will go out of their way to do business with you because of the value you provide by educating and entertaining them with contents on your website.  This will make them to look beyond the price and prefer to buy from you even though they can get the same product at a cheaper price somewhere else.

The rewards you get from engaging your customers are numerous. It will improve your business revenue, reputation and customer life time value. Now, let's move on to ways you can follow to create engaging and shareable content for your business.

Ways to create engaging and shareable blog content for your business.

1.   Skimmable and formatted content

The first thing you need to do while creating your content is to make sure it is easy to scan through it. A lot of people who look for information on search engines are looking for something they can quickly scan through, read and move on. One way your content can meet their needs is by making it skimmable.

Skimmable contents provide the best information at the top of the page.  It is just like the newspaper, which has the summary of the news in the first paragraph.  When you read the paragraph, you can decide to skip the page, if it is not interesting or continue to read, if it catches your fancy. Likewise, you need to keep your main point in the first paragraph - i.e. the introduction. In this article, I did it in the first paragraph.

When readers scan contents, they are looking for subheadings that contains what they need.  This is why you need to create interesting subheadings within your content.  This will show them what you want to discuss and if they are interested, they will read it or just move over to other subheadings in the content. A great guy that does this very well is Neil Partel. Check out this article

It is easy to read and skim through.  It also have short paragraphs that are not compacted together, making it easy to read.

2.   Friendly and casual tone

This is one of the reasons you should hire a great and dedicate writer for your business. The tone of your content really matters in the issue of engagement. Naturally, it is difficult to be friends with someone that doesn't speak the same language as you. I.e. You don't understand what the person is saying. However, when you meet someone that talk with you as if you've known each other for years, it will be easy to connect with such a person.  The same goes for creating an engaging content.  You need to talk to your readers like friends. This is a great way to build rapport with your readers. A great example example of someone who does this well is Copyblogger . All the articles on the website has a friendly tone.

3.   Visual elements

Visual elements in a post is like adding spices to your food.  Spices enhances the taste  and flavour of foods and keep it on your tongue for sometime.  This is the same thing visual elements do to your contents. The image you placed in your content will be imprinted in the mind of your readers.   Great visual elements creates engagement and send quality signals to search engines. It enables you to keep your visitors longer on your website. Above all, your readers will see you as a professional.

There are different kinds of visual elements you can use for your content, such as, featured images, content boxes, video, infographics, charts and graphs, product labels, maps etc. However, you need to ensure that your visual elements make sense for your blog and it is easy for you to create.  It is not difficult to create one, all you need is a stock photo and Powerpoint. Just import the photo to Powerpoint and add few text boxes and you are good to go.

4.  Interesting and engaging

For your content to be engaging, it has to be interesting.  Readers must have fun why reading it. There are things you can add to your content to make it really interesting.  The first thing is data.  People love reading data and stats. Research your industry and look for data to back up your claims. The second thing you can add is opinions of experts. Search for industry experts and quote them or link to their resources. Thirdly, add your own comments and opinions on views and trends.  You can also create questions, polls, quiz etc to generate engagement.

5.   Measure engagement

How do you know your content is generating engagement?  You know by measuring it. So, how do you measure content engagement?  To get this metrics, we will use a simple tool - Google analytics pluggin and Javascript tracking code developed by Justin Cutroni.  If you use wordpress, you can just download the plugin here  and install it or copy the javascript here into your website.

We will use this tool to measure your content engagement in three ways:

1.   Visitors who reads your contents (readers)                                                               2.   Visitors who read to the end of your contents (finishers)                                       3.   Average time for reading.

Visitors who reads your content

Here, the first thing you need to know is the percentage of visitors that starts reading your content. Some visitors will arrive at your page and start reading, some will take a quick look and leave. The percentage of visitors who starts reading are being partially engaged.

Visitors who read to the end of your content

Secondly, some visitors will read the content while others will leave it half way through. Those who reads the content to the end are known as Finishers. These can be classified as visitors who are fully engaged.

Average time for reading

Lastly, by tracking the amount of time it takes for each reader to read the content, you will know who actually reads it and who skims through it. Visitors who skims through it are not really engaged, but those who take much longer time to read it are actually engaged.

You can learn more about how to use the tracking code and the analysis you can with the data by reading this post.

You can see from this post that it is not a difficult task to create an engaging and shareable content considering the many benefits you get to enjoy. You don't have to create the content on your own. You can hire writers who are professionals in this field to create high quality content that will generate customers for your business.  Make this part of your plan for the new year!

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