Convert Visitors to Leads: How to Choose the Right Content Topics

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Convert customers to leads

Have you been writing content that does not convert visitors to leads?

Have you done all you need to do to make it work, but it's just not working?

Obviously, something is not right.

What can it be?


It is the desire of every business owner to convert visitors to leads.

The 2016 b2b content marketing report revealed that 85% of business owners say lead generation is the most important goal they have.

convert visitors to leads

It may also interest you to know that over 81% of B2C and 90% of B2B consumers make their decisions from available information online.

Now, if you try to "marry" these statistics together, we will have:

People that are looking for information  + business owners looking for leads.

That implies that if you can provide information that people are looking for, you will likely convert visitors to leads all the time.

Using content to convert visitors to leads starts with choosing the right topic.

A research conducted by Copyblogger on blog topics revealed that on average, 8 out of 19 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest.

If you fail to choose the right topic that resonates with your reader, the rest of your content may as well not exist.

So, the question is how do you choose the content topic that will convert your visitors into customers?

There is only one way to do that...

Use your audience's questions to create an attractive headline and a rich informative post for them.

We will start with keyword research.

Keyword research

There are a lot of searches on the search engines on a daily basis. People are asking different questions and using search engines to find answers. So, the first thing you want to do is to look for keywords your readers are using to find your business and see if you can find a topic to write about.

Here is where the use of keyword research tools comes into place.

We will start with Google keyword tool

Here you will search for your niche keyword. For instance, assuming you are in the dog food business.

To get an idea of what people are searching for in the dog food business, we will type "dog food" into the tool and see what ideas we will get.

convert visitors to leads

From the keywords above, we will select:

  •   All natural dog food
  •   homemade dog food recipes
  •   dry dog food

Now, that we have the keywords ready, it is now time to determine their user intent.

Keyword User Intent

The second thing we will look at here is the user intent. Here, you need to understand why users type the keywords above in the search engine.  What are their major problems? What solutions do they want to solve and how can you appeal to them.

Let's attempt to break down the user intent of the three keywords above:

All natural dog food

The searchers are interested in identifying the various natural dog food available. They  are looking for natural dog foods.  They want to know their options. They are not looking for recommendations.  They still want to learn - so you need to teach them.

Homemade dog food recipes

The searcher is looking for homemade dog food recipes. This implies that he/she wants to make homemade dog food, so they want to know the recipes they need to do so.

Dry dog food

The searcher is looking for different options of dry dog food. This is an informational content, so it needs to address the topic in question very well.

The next step is to model popular and viral headlines.

How to create popular and viral headlines

Knowing the topics your audience will like to read is one thing, know how to make create the headline is another.  Here, you will learn how to create popular and viral headlines. This is one ingredient that will make your visitors read your content in order for you to convert them into customers.

We will be using two tools here - Buzzsumo and Buzzfeed.

So head over to and type in your topic and click the search button.

So, using the first keyword: All natural dog food

we have:

convert visitors to leads


From, buzzumo, the viral post headlines here are:

  1. Why my dogs gained weight on a healthy, all-natural dog food
  2. Holistic all-natural dog food

From there, you can craft your headlines to look like this:

  1. Want your dog to gain weight? Use healthy, all-natural dog food.
  2. Top 10 reasons why your dog needs a holistic all-natural food.

You see!  It is not difficult to craft a clickable and keyword-rich topic.


Buzzfeed headline style

Secondly, you can use Buzzfeed-style headline to get your customers to read your content and convert them to leads.


convert visitors to customers

Now we can easily create a buzzfeed-style headline for the first topics - all natural dog food.

For instance, using the title "17 things you'll know if you are dating a ravenclaw"

We have:

7 things you will know if your dog is feeding on all-natural dog food

Damn! What percentage of your dog food is natural?

So far we have used headlines with numbers and questions.

Do you want to know why?

According to Moz, blog post headlines with numbers generated 36%  more social shares and engagement compared to headlines without numbers.

convert visitors to leads


Here you have learnt how to choose topics that can convert visitors to leads.  If you follow the strategy above and use it to create a highly detailed blog post, you will always convert visitors to leads.


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