Startling Reasons why Nokia Lost and What you can Learn from it

Why Nokia lost


I just finished writing the first part of the content I wanted to publish for the day when I decided to take a break.

I went to a popular forum and saw this news headline

Nokia CEO ended his speech saying this “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”.

I was sad.

I loved Nokia phone so much in those days because of its durability and battery life.

Can anyone identify with that?

You could literally throw the phone on the ground and assemble it back in one piece.

You could also throw it in water and bring it out again, dry the battery and continue to use it. It was so strong. Nokia was one of the top largest phone manufacturers in those days. Infact, it was said that they had a market share of 70%.

Nokia was one of the top largest phone manufacturers in those days. Infact, it was said that they had a market share of 70%.

How could a big company like that fail?

Why would Nokia lost.

Although the CEO of NOKIA failed to admit it, there are lots of reasons why Nokia lost.  One reason I am quite sure of is that the company failed to innovate.

They failed to change.

Change, they say, is inevitable and it is constant.

As a business owner, if you are not constantly adapting to change, it may be difficult to be successful.

Things are constantly changing online.  Especially, with Google's changing algorithm, you can't but change your marketing methods.

We all know that a business that does not take Google serious will soon be history, just like NOKIA.

And I see many Business owners  refusing to incorporate Content marketing into their business, despite its many advantages. 

Recently, Brian Dean of Backlinko, analyzed 1 million Google search results to find out the factors that make a page to rank on Google.

From his findings, I discovered the following facts:

The need to create in-depth content

If you want to rank in Google's search engine results, it is time to start creating in-depth content.  Brian discovered that "topically relevant" content outperformed content that did not cover a topic in-depth.

Gone are the days, when it is easy to rank with a 300-500 words post.  These days, it takes hard work to rank and sustain it.

It is now time for you to make a change if you don't want to be like NOKIA.

It is time to start creating content that covers a topic in -depth.

Long-form content wins

According to the data from SEMRush, it was discovered that longer content rank higher in Google's search results.

The average content on Google's first- page result has 1,890 words.

Writing long form content  will help you to stand out from the competition, generate business leads for a long time and portray you as an authority in your industry.

Content with images performs well

It was discovered that adding images to content also help.  It may interest you to know that content with images:

  1. Get 94% more views
  2. Improves engagement on social media
  3. Makes it easy for your audience to read your content

Use content marketing tools

There are a lot of free and paid content marketing tools available online.  These tools make it easy for you to create, edit, distribute and promote your website content easily.  Gone are the days when things are done manually.

It is time for you to innovate and make progress in your business.


It so sad for Nokia, and I also feel sad for the CEO of Nokia. It is even more painful to hear that they do not know the reasons why Nokia lost when it is so obvious. I hope they learnt their lessons and move on.

Remember, change is a constant thing in life and it is inevitable.  Those who refuse to change goes into oblivion.  May your case not be like NOKIA's.

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