7 Ways to Consistently Produce Amazing Content that your audience will love

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Content marketing produces tremendous results for businesses that engages in it. Kissmetrics got 82% of their total traffic and 70% of their leads from content
marketing. That is not all, those leads generated millions of dollars in revenue for them each year.

Although, content marketing work for all businesses, a lot of people find it difficult to create consistently high quality content for their websites. It is not as if you don't know the benefit you will derive from creating contents on your websites, it's just that you find it very hard to do.

Most times, it is amazing how top websites manage to write and post many contents consistently, even though this websites do not even need much of it because of their position in SERPS, yet they still do it.

In this article, I am going to provide seven (7) good ways you can follow to produce high quality content on a consistent basis:

1.  Write on what you know
The best way to get your creative juices flowing is simply to write on what you know or what interests you. It is easy to write from your heart than from your head. When you know a topic or subject very well, you find out that the words
will just flow out of your heart. However, you will struggle with what you don't know much about. What I am saying here is that it takes extra effort to write on what you don't know. The solution to this problem is to hire a good writer to help you create your contents.

2.   Write on what your target audience wants
One important success factor in content marketing is creating contents that your audience desires. Now, the question is, how do you know what your audience wants? Go to where your target audience hangs out. Such places
include forums, social media networks, etc. Visit these places and read their threads, soon enough you will discover their pains and problems. You will create your contents based on these problems and then provides
solutions to it.

3.   Make content creation a priority
Whatever your priority is, will always occupy your time. When you make content creation your priority, you will always devote enough time to it. Make it a point of duty to write within the time you create for it. Don't answer emails, tumblr, Rss, facebook chats etc while you are writing. Open your computer
and write until you are done, then move on to other things.

4.   Form writing habit
Habits, they say, die hard. When you form a habit to always write everyday, it becomes part of you. Start by setting a goal to post everyday and 30 days a month. Before you know it, it becomes easy for you to post daily. Apart from that, when you write daily, it makes you a better writer, which will increase the quality of your contents.

5.   Mix up your contents
It can be boring to produce one form of content all the time. It will be better for you to mix up your content whenever it is possible. You can start creating
infographic, podcast or video. This will give your audience a lot of options to choose from. A research carried out by eMarketer revealed that posts with photos received 87% interaction rate on facebook. You will discover that different types of content formats work on different platforms.
Therefore, it will do you good to mix up your content formats for effective ROI.

6.  Break your content creation into chunks
Sometimes, creating consistent content can be a daunting task. You can reduce your work by first of all creating a rough note, then an outline and then write it out. You don't have to finish the whole task within a specified time, you can schedule it over a period of a day or two. For instance, if you want to write content on '5 ways to create interactive content' and you only have 2 ways readily available to you. You can write it out and save it in a file. Later on, you when you come up with the remaining 3, you can complete your article.

7.   Employ the services of a content creator
A research carried out by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute revealed that 73% of all b2b organizations have a dedicated personnel in charge of their content marketing strategy. It is very important for you to deputize someone to create content with necessary resources and empower them to make content decisions on your behalf. This will free up your time to handle other important matters in the organization. That is why we are here for you at hephzysocial. We take off the burden of creating a content strategy, content writing and marketing from you, so you can have enough time for other things.

There is need for you to create content on a consistent basis if you want to succeed in content marketing.  You can do this by writing on what you know, what you audience wants, making content creation a priority and an habit, mixing up different types of content, breaking up your content creation into small processes and employing the services of content creator when the need arises. All these seven points will enable you to achieve extraordinary success in your content marketing efforts.

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