7 Steps to Hire an outstanding Content Writer to Boost your Business

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You look at your business blog and you sigh!

It's been long you published a fresh content on it.

You've tried all you could to write, but it's just not working.

You are always busy with other aspects of your business that you neglect the most important one:

Creating content and building relationship with your audience.

When you create interesting and high-quality content your audience loves, it will be easy for you to convert them to leads and them to paying customers.

But you don't have to worry,  all you need is an outstanding content writer that can take over your business blog.

The content marketing institute, in their 2016 content marketing trend reported that b2b businesses are creating more content in this year 2016.

content writer

If you are part of the 76% or you are determined to create more content for your website to boost your business, then you need to read this.

There are several writers out there, but not all of them are outstanding.

To get the desired result, you will need to hire a writer that is outstanding.

Why do you need to hire content writers?

It is a common notion for us to think that it is only business owners who do not like writing or don't have time to write, hire writers.  That is not the whole truth.  You can hire writers to:.

a.    Create fresh voices for your business. You can hire writers that will produce quality content that your audience can understand and relate to.

b.  Deliver content on a consistent basis. The best way to keep your business blog active and search engine friendly is to keep producing fresh content always.

c.  Create continuity. Your writers can be a great asset to your business.  As they write for you, they will have a better understanding of your blog, build relationships with your audience and help you grow your business.

Below are 10 steps you can use to hire an outstanding content writer for your business.

1.   Know your business requirements

The first thing you need to do why looking to hire a freelance content writer for your business is to determine what you need a writer for.  If you have a blog, you probably need a freelance writer who will help create content for your blog, Newsletters and social media channels.

Your best bet will be to hire writers that are good at content marketing and social media.  These categories of writers will be valuable assets to your blog.

2.   Where to find content writers

There are many places you can check to find writers.  However, you need to be careful, so that you don't hire substandard writers.

Having said this, the best place to start is using Google search.

Quality and professional writers have websites where they display their content.  These are the best people to hire for your business blog.

The second place you can check is content mills, such as Textbroker, freelancer, Upwork, writer access etc.

The third place you can find writers are in writer communities or industry forums.

You can also use job boards such as problogger job board, inbound.org etc.

3.   Shortlisting the candidates

Once, you have the list of applicants ready, it is time to shortlist them. The tips below will help you to select the best candidate for your business blog:

a.   Writing samples - For those writers with websites, visit their web pages and read their content.  Note their style of writing and see whether it fits your website or not.  You can also ask for samples from content mill writers.  Check their grammar and diction.

b.   Select the best candidate/s for your blog

c.   Interview your shortlisted content writers

Now that you have the list of content writers that you will like to use for your business blog, it is time to conduct interviews:  Below are questions you can ask the candidates:

  • Could you tell me in a few sentences, why you want to work for us?
  • I like your content titled "ABC". Could you tell me about the process you followed to create it?
  • How do you optimize your content for search engines?
  • What processes would you follow to create content that appeals to our target audience?
  • Is your freelance blogging full or part time?
  • What is your biggest challenge as a freelance writer?

Their answers to these questions will give you an insight into how well your prospective freelance writers know how to write for a target audience, how they can make your content search engine friendly and how they operate their content writing business.

4.   Hiring the writer

Check their responses to your interview questions and choose the best candidate. You may want to draft an agreement that would include:

  • Goals
  • Content creation process
  • Delivery time
  • Contract length
  • Ownership of content
  • When and how to end the contract
  • Fees and payment terms
  • Non-disclosure terms as needed.

5.   How much should you pay a content writer?

There are different ways to determine how much you will pay your freelance content writer, such as word count, hourly or project deliverables.

Word count fees range from $1 to $5/word  or more for professional content writers.

Hourly project fees range from $50/hr to $100/hr for professional writers.  While writers with years of experience will charge more than $100/hr.

Project deliverables can be charges per e-book, guides, white papers, website content etc.

You have to make sure that you place quality above quantity.  It is better to pay more to produce meaningful content that will engage your audience and turns them into leads and paying customers than to pay little and create fluffs that will not benefit your business.

6.   Long term or short term deals

Most business owners would want to retain their writers for a long term.

The best thing to do here is to start with short term projects. This will serve as a trial period to enable you to evaluate the content writer.

If you get the desired quality, then you can switch to long term deals.

7.   Create a mutually beneficial relationship with your content writer

When you hire a writer for your business, make sure you have a mutually beneficial relationship with them.  Be honest about your business needs and what you can pay.  Do not delay their payment for anything.

If you make your freelance writers happy, they, in turn, will give their best in helping your business grow.


Above are the 7 steps that will help to hire an outstanding content writer to boost your business. These are some of the processes I pass through as a content writer with my clients. Ensure you follow the steps and you will get the best writer for your business blog.


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