7 Reasons Why no One was Reading my Blog Post and What I did to fix it

reading my blog

I sat on my chair, staring at my laptop's screen.

I clicked on my dashboard, checked my analytics page and looked at my traffic report for the day.

It was still the same few hits I have been seeing so far.

I sat back. All the enthusiasm I built up that morning to write another post just disappeared.

I was tired, discouraged and frustrated.

The day before that day, I spent long hours writing a blog post that I thought would attract some good traffic.  I published the post and promoted it.

The result?

It brought very little traffic.

So, I decided to consider other options.

I had created some blogs in the past with the same problem and at the end of the day, shut them down.

As I was thinking about what to do, one of my friends came in.

I looked at him and said, "Bro, I am..."

He knew what I was going to say, so he raised up his hand to stop me from saying it.

He looked at me and sat down.

Then he said:

"Once upon a time, there was a young man.  He bought an expanse of land that he believed contained gold deposits.

He digged for gold, but found Zinc instead.

He kept digging and selling the zinc.

One day, he dugged and found no zinc.

They tried several days later and still found nothing.

He came to a conclusion:

"there is no more Zinc on this land".

So, he sold the land to another man.

The man who bought the land decided to try his luck.

He dug a little more and found gold.

The man who originally owned the land heard about the story and felt sad.

He made a decision:

"I will never give up on anything in life"

My friend turned to me and said "Hephzy, don't ever give up on anything in life, keep writing and promoting, someday somehow, it will open up for you"

When I heard this story, I was encouraged and determined more than ever to make my blog work.

The result?

It worked.

If you are in this same situation, I plead with you not to give up.

So, what are the reasons why no one was reading my blog post and what did I do to get results:

1.   It was a relatively new blog

Initially, I thought once you create a blog and publish a few posts on it, it will start attracting traffic naturally. But, I was wrong, no one was reading my blog.  I wrote a few posts and nothing really happened.

There are over 152 million blogs on the internet and over 2 million blog post are published daily.

For a new blog to take off, it needs lots of contents to open up to organic search and other sources of traffic.

The more you publish blog posts, the more traffic you get.  That is why b2b businesses are creating more content on their business blogs.

reading  my blog post

2.  My blog content was not optimized for search

Although, I read many blog posts on search engine optimization, but found it hard to implement the concept on my blog.

Not until I discovered that I can use the Yoast seo plugin for the website.   I installed it, but I did not understand how it works, so I abandoned it.  I later read tutorials on how to use it and started using it.  It brought loads of changes to my website traffic.  I started seeing organic traffic from Google.

3.  I was not promoting my blog

I love writing so much.  So, I concentrated on writing blog posts and doing little to no promotion.  All I did back then was to just post my articles on my social media channels. But, later on, I realised that I needed to promote the blog actively to make it easy for people to find it, because no one was actually reading my blog.

So, I researched different methods of promotion and I came in contact with three great content promotion resources by Michael Yarp and Richard Roberts:

21 Strategies to drive more website traffic today

How to promote your blog post

16 Explosive content promotion strategies

These three resources really helped me a lot.  I learnt a lot of content promotion tactics that really improved my blog traffic, such as:

  1. Content syndication
  2. Weekly roundups
  3. Content re-purposing
  4. Triberr
  5. Blog comments
  6. Google+ communities.
  7. Quora etc

I was overwhelmed with the list of content promotion tactics, so I decided to choose a few of them to focus my energy on. That way, it was easy for me to see which one works better for my blog.

4.  My email subscription boxes were  not positioned strategically

I signed up on Aweber and configured an optin box to capture leads, but it was not really converting. I showed my blog to one of my mentors (Neil Patel) and he advised that I should add more optin boxes.

So, I decided to subscribe to Optinmonster and I got better optin boxes. Since then, I have been getting results.

5.  My writing was boring

When I started, I was writing like an academic teacher. I used lots of data and research and at the end of the day, it looks and sound boring.  That was one of the reasons why no one was reading my blog. When I discovered it, I searched online to see if there is anyone I could model my blog after.

So, I looked at quicksprout and liked the way Neil writes his articles.  I also got some inspiration from Jon Morrow. My content became more interesting and less boring.  Isn't it?

6.  I was publishing infrequently and inconsistently.

There are two schools of thought about the frequency of post publishing. One school of thought says "Post long form content once or twice a week" while the other says "post daily".  I became confused.  So, I decided to do a research on the best school of thought.

serpIQ did a study on the average length of the content in the top 10 results of search queries and discovered that the first 10 post had over 2,000 words.

reading my blog

Google favours longer posts than shorter ones.  Again, readers stay long on long form content than shorter one, thereby increasing the dwell time.

So, if I want my post to rank more on search engines, it will have to be long form.


About the frequency stuff:

A research carried out by content marketing institute revealed that B2B marketers who publish blog post daily and multiple times per week were successful in their content marketing campaigns.

reading my blog


So, I tried the long form stuff and discovered that my traffic increase each time I published a post or two per week, but after that, it is back to square one.

So, i figured it out - I will create long form content daily for now to grow my traffic.

When I get to 100,000 daily visitors, then I will relax and start publishing twice a week. It is working so far.

7.   I was not linking within and to other blogs

Linking your content internally is very effective. It allows your user to stay longer on the website.  I implemented this strategy and readers stays longer on my blog.  I installed a plugin that helps me to do that automatically.  It is called Linkwithin.

It helps me to hyperlink specific keywords with other content pages on my website.

I also search for useful content that relates to my blog topic and link to them.

These are great search engine optimization tactics I learnt from the gurus.



These were the reasons why no one was reading my blog.  I discovered it and worked it out and now I am seeing the results.

What about you?  Did you face any of the issues above, share it in the comment section below.

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